Scuba Devil offers you the opportunity to audit your business.

During a short period, we will come to you and look at your business, to see the strong and the weak points. The duration of this period depends on the size of your business.
The first day(s) we will be attending as regular customer and later we will join your staff and work with them.

During this time we look at several business point, like:

  • Education
  • Equipment (shop and rental)
  • Management
  • Staff
  • Marketing

Scuba Devil

At the end of the period we will present you a report that tells you our findings. This report will presented only to the management. Its your decision to share the findings with the rest of your staff.

When you want we can help you to implement and follow-up on our findings.
Scuba Devil has many years experience in the area of auditing and managing businesses. Including the areas of diving / ICT and Sales.

The team of Scuba Devil professionals are also instructors with several years of experience.
Please contact us, to discuss when we can help you and the amount of time we need.