Rescue Review

The PADI Rescue Review program fulfills many functions within the PADI System of diver education. Its primary purpose is to help certified divers update their dive knowledge and skills, especially after a period of diving inactivity. The Rescue Review program may be used to preassess PADI Rescue Divers.
The program’s versatility and flexibility makes it useful as a diver acquisition and retention tool for PADI Members.

The PADI Rescue Review program consists of two parts:

  • 1. a Knowledge Review
  • 2. a Confined Water Skills Review. There is also an optional open water dive.

The Knowledge Review segment covers the basic safety information divers learn during their rescue training.
The Confined Water Skills Review allows participants to practice rescue skills. With guidance from a PADI Instructor, divers update and fine-tune their rescue ability.


To participate in a Rescue Review program an individual must have proof of diver certification or be enrolled in a scuba rescue training program:

  1. Sign the Certified Diver Experience Programs Liability Release
  2. Assumption of Risk form, and the PADI Medical Statement.
  3. Submit, to the instructor, medical clearance for diving signed by a physician, attesting to fitness to dive. The medical clearance must be current within the previous 12 months. The physician signing the form cannot be the individual.
  4. Sign the Certified Diver Experience Programs Liability Release.
  5. Assumption of Risk form.